Football Fever 960x426

Football Fever

Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, 12pm-8pm
  • During our Football Fever promotion, guests must have and be playing with a Royal Rewards card and earn 10 points or higher to be selected. The Players Club will do random hot seat drawings through Super PlayMate- winner drawn will get 2 minutes to report to the Guest Service Center and if they don’t show up, the Players Club will redraw for that winner. Each guest/winner can only win one time per day. There will be 1 drawings each hour (9 hours total a day)
  • Each Hourly Hot Seat winner will come up and choose a plush. Attached to the plush will be a Free Slot Play Prize ranging from $25-$1000 in Free Slot Play. Guests will be awarded the Free Slot Play amount attached to the plush and can keep the plush as part of their prize.
  • Guests can only win one time per promotions day.